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Theatre & Theology

Theatre & Theology

Theatre  &    Theology

An Opportunity to share a Riverside Theatre experience and following the show value add by sharing a drink/supper discussion with a group of other people. Let Niall know if you are interested.

On Friday 1st June at 7.30 pm join with us to see a production of Stolen. Below is the promotional information provided by the Riverside Theatre:

by Jane Harrison 

Return Season

“Van Hout’s production is expansive, earthy, and generous.” – Time Out

Directed by Vicki Van Hout, a fresh interpretation of this tender and moving classic revisits Jane Harrison’s important historical text about five individuals from The Stolen Generations in the context of Australia today.

Featuring themes of loss and love together with the poignancy of the characters struggling to make sense of their world, Stolen will resonate with you for a long time.