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Messy Church

Messy Church is church for families who may not find other forms of church appealing and who don’t yet belong to a church. It is held once a month, includes hands-on creative experiences, a celebration and a meal. It does not prioritise either the needs of children or adults but intentionally welcomes and provides for all ages.

Messy Church is unique with its underpinning values. It is church, not a kids’ club or Bible study. Therefore Messy Church is Christ-centred and available and welcoming to all ages. There is a strong emphasis on hospitality from the invitation, the welcome at the door, the knowing of people’s names, the offer of conversation and drinks to sharing worship and a sit-down meal for all. The celebration is an invitation to worship through song, prayers and story. Creativity in many forms is encouraged, nurtured and explored by people of all ages, together.

The people who coordinate and attend Messy Church can become a congregation of Northmead Uniting Church in their own right, not a stepping stone to the existing (Sunday morning) congregation.

Messy Church is on the fourth Sunday of every (except December)month from 4.30 to 6.30 pm

For more information call Robyn on  0408 322 976