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Conversation starter for 5th June, 2018:

Extracts from an opinion piecebyCarol Giuseppi is the chief executive of Tourism Accommodation Australia. SMH 31 May, 2018

…many owners of properties on Airbnb are commercial operations. The reality is if you are renting out your home for more than three months of the year, it is not your actual home – it is an investment property. And it is often located in a large apartment complex next door to neighbours who actually live on the premises and should have a right to a quiet and peaceful existence – after all, they didn’t sign on to live in a hotel.

Almost one in every three Airbnb properties (32 per cent) in the Sydney market is already currently full-time commercial accommodation. These are properties no longer available for the long-term rental market…

… a recent University of Sydney report which found the relevant indicators “suggest that Airbnb rentals are likely to create upward pressure on Sydney’s rents”.

Strata committees around Sydney have been left powerless in the face of the Airbnb juggernaut. Investment properties originally designed for residential purposes and paying residential rates – with none of the regulations required by hotels – cannot be permitted to operate as quasi-hotels with limited or no controls.

The government needs to show the community it’s serious about supporting jobs and investment. The accommodation sector in NSW employs 56,000 direct and indirect employees and pays $400 million in taxation – maybe the government needs to ask itself how many people Airbnb genuinely employs and how much they pay in tax.

Has Airbnb got out of hand? Should governments regulate?