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About Us

A Community of Faith

Meeting with God on many pathways

Following in the Way of Jesus
Faith, Food, Forgiveness and Friendship

Faith in God
Faith in each other
Faith in humanity
Food for thought
Food for the stomach
Food for the soul
Forgiveness from God
Forgiveness for ourselves
Forgiveness of others
Friendship within the community
Friendship for the stranger
Friendship of the earth

Part of what we have been involved in includes:

Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School: We have worked with the Northmead CAPAHS on the Stations of the Cross

The Cumberland Zone is a group of fourteen Uniting Church congregations in the Cumberland area. We have been involved in the training and activities of the Sydney Alliance which brings church members into partnership with other organisations such as community groups, unions, other faith groups to work together to address issues affecting our local community.

We have supported the Hills School on its sports day and at Easter and Christmas.